Each step of our process demonstrates our ongoing concern for your well being. Our total wealth management approach begins with a simple discussion about your life, your family and your aspirations. From there we guide you through a process demonstrating strategies that can help you pursue your goals. We make recommendations based on your needs, time-frame, lifestyle goals and a broad range of other quantitative and qualitative data. We explain our recommendations and educate you on the principles and thought processes behind them. Then we implement and monitor your progress, meeting at least annually to discuss changes in your goals, the economy or the marketplace. At Infinity Wealth Alliance, we believe that when you have your financial life in order it’s easier to relax and focus on the people and passions you really care about.

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Complete a confidential personal and financial profile.

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Prepare a comprehensive financial plan designed to work toward your specific needs.

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Explain the different strategies and offer recommendations.

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Implement the plan that you agree upon.

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Monitor and make adjustments as needed through regular and consistent contact. 

Not everyone wants to know how the clock is built, but at Infinity Wealth Alliance, we strive to make sure that everyone knows what time it is.
— Luther Hagen

Comprehensive Financial Planning

You are one of a kind and your financial plan should be tailored to your specific goals. Like building a house, you start with a blueprint. When planning for your financial future, you start with a financial blueprint. 

We start our conversation talking with you about your concerns, goals and long-term plans. We incorporate education into the process, so our clients understand the opportunities and the direction we have mapped out. Once we have completed the initial process, then we build your financial blueprint, and help you implement your plan. The main areas we cover in the wealth management process are investment strategy, estate planning, retirement planning, risk management, education funding, cash-flow and income tax planning.

We communicate with you regularly and hold review meetings annually. We will be objective and honest in the process with open and transparent dialog. Our goal is to help you build financial confidence & clarity. 

Investment Management

Your investment portfolio is constructed after an extensive analysis of your risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon. We use several resources to research securities and investment strategies that are included in client portfolios. Portfolios are monitored and rebalanced when appropriate. We assess the impact of taxes on client portfolios, the need for income and any other client objectives.

Fiduciary Focused

We are fiduciaries, meaning we act in your best interest putting your needs first at all times. We give you objective advice. Because we are independent, we are not tied to any specific financial company or investment strategy and do not offer proprietary products.